SPI is fully committed to quality and client satisfaction.

SPI’s quality plans ensure that activities are ruled by comprehensive method statement and procedures, and controlled all through the process.

SPI treats every commission as a uniqe challenge, and after fifty years our philosophy remains to provide all our clients with excellent services.

Our Quality Management System enables SPI to fulfill our client’s needs and aspirations, achieving the highest standard design and quality, on time and within cost.

SPI has a reputation for delivering services which comprehensively satisfy and exceed our Clients? targets.
We aim to bring tried and tested solutions to your project, with an on-going goal to continually improve our service with new innovative approaches.

We have considerable pride in the remarkable success that have been achieved on most appointments, where the “principle” of our philosophy have been used.
This success is attributable to the pro-active approach we take towards any assignment, whereby the Client is kept fully informed at all times.

Our approach, and the procedures and systems outlined, are sufficiently flexible to ensure they can be adapted to any specific requirement or existing client system.

SPI’s QMS is certified according with ISO EN 9001-2000 standards.